Best Australian Wildlife Photo Competition – October 2019

Maggie & I at MADCAT Photography are all about wildlife conservation and love to do what we can to raise awareness of the many endangered species we have right on our doorstep here in Wanneroo & across Australia.

We also love promoting photography as a hobby (or profession) for young and old alike. Photography encourages artistic creativity, it gets people outdoors and encourages an active & healthy lifestyle. Photography also provides the opportunity for people to learn new skills using computer tools like Photoshop, Lightroom or many of the free alternatives available.

There is a lot of talk these days about conservation, whether it be concerning the environment or wildlife! The reality is that many species of wildlife are threatened and some way too close to extinction! If you want to learn more about the plight of our planet and it’s wildlife then simply go to YouTube and search for “David Attenborough”, his natural history documentaries are some of the best ever made and he is a strong advocate for protection of the natural world around us.

One native animal close to our hearts is the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo. Classified as Endangered (“fauna that is rare or is likely to become extinct soon”) these birds are endemic to WA’s Southwest and their population has fallen by 50% in 45 years, mainly due to loss of habitat and breeding grounds.

Another native animal we have been closely involved with is the Numbat, native to WA’s Southwest and recently re-introduced to South Australia they are also classified as Endangered. At one point their numbers dropped to well below 1,000 Australia wide. The Numbat is also one of WA’s Animal Emblems which has helped greatly to raise awareness to their plight.

So, we’re asking all you budding photographers out there “What endangered animal is close to your hearts”?

Enter your best Australian (endangered or not) Native Wildlife Photos to be in the chance to win a professionally printed & matted Fine Art Print of your photo

  • First Place: 11” x 14” Matted Fine Art Print
  • Second Place: 8” x 10” Matted Fine Art Print
  • Third Place: 5” x 7” Matted Fine Art Print
  • Plus all top 3 places will receive a ceramic mug with their image printed on it
  • Plus all top 3 places will receive a 10% Discount Voucher to use in our Gallery

Summary of Conditions:

  • Entrants must reside in WA & be able to collect any prizes from our Gallery at Wanneroo Markets in person
  • Up to 3 images per person of Native Australian Wildlife with no people in the images
  • Entries should be submitted by email to & received by 31st October
  • Important: Please read the full guidelines & conditions below …

If you have any questions then please contact us

When visiting natural environments please be respectful of the flora and fauna, take your litter home and treat the environment with respect.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Promoted by MADCAT Digital Design ABN: 19 094 456 845
  • Each entrant may submit up to 3 images, there is no cost to enter
  • Entries should be submitted by email to & received by 31st October 2019
  • Entries should be in JPEG format at high the highest quality possible and not reduced in size (preferably at least 3MB in size)
  • All entries will be acknowledged by email
  • Information required for each entry includes:
    • Email Subject should read “MADCAT Photography Competition October 2019”
    • Your full name
    • Your email address for notification to winners
    • Your age
    • Your suburb in WA
    • The location the photo was captured at
    • Optional: Image Title & Short Description
    • Optional: Tell us what endangered animal is close to your heart? (doesn’t have to be the same as your photo)
  • Entries must depict Native Australia Wildlife in a positive manner, preferably in a natural habitat
  • NO people should be visible in the image
  • Images will be judged on technical quality, artistic quality & emotional response of the judges, Dave Catley & Maggie Catley
  • The judge’s decisions will be final
  • Images may be processed as the entrant sees fit but the judges reserve the right to judge images based on their subjective opinions. In other words if you go crazy you’d better do a good job of it 😊
  • You must be the legal owner to the copyright of any images submitted
  • All images submitted must be based solely on photographic images taken by the entrant
  • Entrants retain the full ownership of images submitted
  • Winners will be informed by email, announced in the next issue of The Northern Guide as well as on our Website & Facebook page
  • MADCAT Photography reserves the right to use submitted images in relation to promoting this or future competitions, recognition will be given to the entrant if possible
  • Any personal information received will not be passed on to third parties for any purpose, however entrants will be added to our email database unless explicitly requesting to be excluded
  • MADCAT Photography accepts no responsibility for entries not received, it is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure their entry has been received
  • Legal Stuff: MADCAT Photography has no liability, in negligence or howsoever, for any accident, loss, illness, injury, damage, or inconvenience suffered by you or any individual or property arising out of or after entering the competition or collecting and using the prize. In other words “Whatever you do it’s not our fault!”

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